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The weekly Hamilton County ARES net will be on the 146.790(-)no tone repeater. Net check in time is 8:00pm EST. The first Thursday of each month will have the Net time start at 8:30pm EST so the members that are attending the Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club's monthly meeting can have time to check in to the net.

ARES Preamble http://www.hamiltoncountyares.org/e107/e107_files/downloads/aresnetscript2-2016.pdf
Local Nets
 SKYWARN Net is held every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST on the 146.610(-) 107.2 tone Repeater. All ARES members are encouraged
to check in to the Net.

CARC Net is held every Sunday at 9:00pm Est. You do not have to be a member of CARC to check in..

HF Nets
The Tennessee Phone Net is held 3 time during the business week. Monday through Friday the schedule is as follows
Early Morning Phone Net 6:40am EST
Morning Net 7:45am EST
Evening Net 7:30pm EST

On the weekends:
Early Morning Net NONE
Morning Net 9:00am EST Saturday and Sunday
Evening Net Saturday ONLY 7:30pn EST

All members are encouraged to check in. If there is any traffic for Hamilton county it would be great if members understand how to pass traffic to its destination. Training will be available at our monthly meetings.
Band Plan